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May the Fourth be with you! Happy ‘Star Wars’ day

Posted at 10:15 am, May 4, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Star Wars

Yes, for the foreseeable future this day in the calendar is scheduled to be ‘Star Wars’ day, so don your Danish pastry hair extensions, trim your beard to just the right Jedi length and go save the universe!

It’ll also be the day on which the producers of the new movies (and attendant spin-off TV shows and books) will take to the media to stoke our excitement about their upcoming projects. The cat may be out of the bag on the casting front, but keep an eye on the net for further announcements (including the first trailer for Disney’s ‘Star Wars Rebels’ cartoon series, which is scheduled to drop today).

Here at Time Out, we’re as susceptible to ‘Star Wars’ fever as the next nerd, and in the past few weeks we’ve been showing our love through a series of features including a rundown of the Top 50 ‘Star Wars’ characters, plus a look at what ‘Star Wars’ would be like if it was shot on the streets of London. Now we’ve gathered all these bits and pieces together into one handy hub, which should be your first port of call for ‘Star Wars’ news, reviews, gossip and features from now until the end of the universe (or until everyone gets sick of ‘Star Wars’, but we know which one will happen first).

Check out the ultimate guide to ‘Star Wars’.

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