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Applications open for the scariest job in London

Posted at 2:30 pm, May 9, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London


At 3.45am on Sunday April 27, the automatic camera used to take photos of Arts Theatre audiences jumping during West End spookfest ‘Ghost Stories’ turned itself on and took three images of a strange, smudged figure (pictured). The camera has never done this before; no explanation for the figure can be found.


Whether by design of the show’s creators or as a result of daemonic intervention (we’ll, er, let you decide), something very suspicious is going on late at night on the set of ‘Ghost Stories’ and YOU are being given the opportunity to investigate.

Writers Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson are advertising the ‘scariest job in London’ – acting as nightwatchman at the Arts Theatre 8pm-4am on Friday June 13, and recording any supernatural activity that may take place.

Possibly you will be sucked into hell by an angry apparition; more likely Nyman and Dyson are creating some sort of special, one-off late night experience that any serious horror fan would kill (or perhaps be killed) to be part of.

Any which way, you can apply here, with a closing date of 6pm on Friday May 23.

Apparently the salary is ‘negotiable’.

‘Ghost Stories’ is at the Arts Theatre until August 17. Find out more at ghoststoriestheshow.co.uk.

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