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Brick Lane’s Beigel Shop closes down

Posted at 2:30 pm, May 13, 2014 in Food & Drink
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Hey bagel-istas, put down the coffee and take a seat. There’s been a big shock on Brick Lane this morning, with the surprise eviction of Beigel Shop. It’s fair to say that everyone has a favourite of the two neighbouring Brick Lane bagel joints (the other being Beigel Bake), but whichever one you prefer to get your late-night salty beef from, the closure of the yellow-signed café is a big, big shame. 

However, owners of the now closed Beigel Shop extended a ray of hope to distraught fans of their bready doughnuts with a statement on Twitter:

Hurrah! They say it might not be so long until they’re back to their bagel baking ways, but the ‘Writ of Possession’ on the door tells us otherwise. This surprise eviction might not mean the end of the Brick Lane bagelry once and for all, but whether they stay in their original premises next to Beigel Bake remains to be seen. Alexandra Gerrity 

Don’t worry bagel buffs, the revered Beigel Bake lives on next door. Follow the Beigel Shop on Twitter for updates. Or just keep checking istheyellowbagelshopopen.com.

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