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The more the merrier: London’s now the most visited city in the world

Posted at 5:30 pm, May 13, 2014 in News
City View. Photo: Umbreen Hafeez

 [Photo: Umbreen Hafeez]

Move over, Paris! So long, Shanghai! Never mind, New York!

That’s right, according to the UK’s no-doubt-impartial Office of National Statistics, London is now the number one destination for tourists worldwide. A whopping 16.8 million people walked around the city painfully slowly in 2013, spending an almighty £11.2 billion on Union Jack hats, Angus Steakhouse dinners and circuitous taxi journeys. (Conspiracy theorists should note that this comes to a total of £666.6666-recurring per tourist.)

In theory, we’re now comfortably ahead of Paris’s 15.7 million annual visitors, although somewhat cheekily we’re comparing our 2013 figures against their 2012 ones. ‘Visitor numbers to Paris are impressive and unrivalled!’ exclaimed an aide to the Mayor of Paris’s office to the Evening Standard, possibly waving a croissant in an exasperated manner, although we’re just speculating.

Boris Johnson also said some words about how great London is. But then we knew that already.

Here’s an infographic, son!

London tourism statistics 2013


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