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Cute animal alert! Five things to look forward to at the London Pet Show 2014

Posted at 8:00 am, May 14, 2014 in Fun London

Animal lovers unite! Earls Court will once again echo with ‘oohs and ‘aaahs’ as it plays home to a temporary mecca of our favourite furry (and not so furry) friends, the London Pet Show on May 17-18. But what to see first?! Fear not – we have years of experience watching cute animal videos on YouTube and have used that know-how to give you some top-tips…

small furries rabbit jumping

Rabbit Show Jumping

Hey horses, there’s a new show jumping species in town. Anything they can do, bunnies can do cuter, right? But these are not your average hutch-in-the-garden rabbits, oh no. Prepare to go hopping mad for the steely determination and unbridled agility of the ‘Bouncing Bunnies of Sweden’, who are jetting in especially for the showcase (first class we assume). ‘We’ve got a new course which the rabbits will love as there are no corners to negotiate this time’, say the organisers. Thank goodness, we wouldn’t warren (sorry) see any accidents…



In case you haven’t guessed it, Scruffts is a celebration of Man’s Best Friend without the pomp and pedigree of its sister show Crufts. Scruffts categories include ‘Child’s Best Friend’, ‘Golden Oldie’ and ‘Good Citizen’ so if you think your pooch is destined for stardom, or if you just want to show them off, head down to the very first heats and enter! Or if you’re not in it for the glory, just go barking mad for your favourite pooch from the sidelines.

doggie dancing

Doggy Dancing

Thanks to Ashleigh & Pudsey of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ fame, the Queen got to get up close and personal (well, from her balcony) with some canine cha-cha. If it’s good enough for Queen Lizzie, it’s good enough for us. Ever seen a beagle breakdance? How about a sheep dog that can samba? Or even a twerking teacup terrier? No? Us neither. Either way, we’ll be shaking our tails along with ‘em.

duck herding

Duck Herding

If Babe the ‘sheep pig’ taught us anything it’s that we shouldn’t let something as trivial as our species stop us from achieving our dreams. Thanks little guy. We’ve all spent our lives feeding the ducks in the park and now it’s time they gave something back, and yes, some light entertainment will do just nicely. So go quackers for this gaggle of feathered friends as they waddle around obstacles with a bona fide sheepdog and his handler.

Micro pig racing

Micro Pig Racing

It’s a well known fact that animals get cuter as they get smaller, case and point: the micro pig. At this year’s London Pet Show you can pick your favourite porkie and watch these little pigs fly. Across the weekend the micro pig race will be raising money for the International Justice Mission, so dive into the piggy bank and give a little back. There’ll also be chance to meet the speedy little pigs for a selfie and a snuggle. We’re already squealing with excitement! Alexandra Gerrity

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