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Brick Lane’s yellow Beigel Shop reopens!

Posted at 12:30 pm, May 15, 2014 in News

Great news for lovers of bagels! Brick Lane once again has two places dedicated to the doughy treats. On Monday, sadness abounded as the closure was announced of Britain’s First & Best Beigel Shop, or as you probably know it, ‘The One Next To The More Popular One: You Know, The Yellow One.’ A website called istheyellowbagelshopopen.com was created, people took to the net in their droves to mourn its passing, and, sadly, we could find out nothing.

All we could get from the bailiffs who served a court order on the bagel shop demanding it be returned to the possession of the landlords was that ‘it was very peaceful and we even let people who’d bought bagels take them away before we closed the place.’ The owners of the shop themselves told us: ‘All we can say right now is that there are some internal changes going on with the premises and we will be opening up again very soon’.

And when we just phoned up now, the most information we got was this: ‘We’re open, alright? What do you want from us?’ Basically, there’s only one conclusion to reach: the story is full of holes. FULL OF HOLES! Get it? Oh, never mind. It’s back open for business now anyway. Alexi Duggins

Follow the Beigel Shop on Twitter for updates. Or just keep checking istheyellowbagelshopopen.com.

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