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Five cool (and free) things to do at Clerkenwell Design Week

Posted at 10:15 am, May 18, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Russ + Henshaw Tile Mile

Back away from Pinterest because the moodboards are coming to life at Clerkenwell Design Week for the fifth year. For three days from May 20-22 you can head down to Clerkenwell to gasp in admiration at the space-age designs, get up close and personal with the design boffins behind the works or even just paw at the pretty furniture. But beware, after days of thoughtful chin stroking and plenty of ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s, your Ikea FRIHETEN sofa bed might feel a tad inadequate. You can wander the exhibitions for free by registering online but most of the panel sessions are now fully booked. Don’t be left snoozing in your second-hand Gumtree recliner, get online and bagsie your place quick sharp.

Tile Mile – Russ + Henshaw

The ever enthusiastic Russ + Henshaw have teamed up with Turkishceramics to showcase their creative investigation into inner-city architecture. The innovative design duo have taken over St John’s Gate with the fruits of their academic and mathematical investigations with mind-bending, psychedelic patterns with parallel mirrors to make them go on forever… and ever…. and ever.

‘Smith’ – Studio Weave

The word pavilion might bring back harrowing memories of year seven games, or hiding from the teachers so you can have a cigarette, but architectural mega boffins Studio Weave have a very different interpretation. Every year Clerkenwell Design Week unveils its crowning jewel and this year it’s the pavilion, which will stand pride of place opposite St John’s Gate is designed to host ‘artisan workers’ and celebrate Clerkenwell’s long history of designer-makers. Sounds pretty crafty to us, so head down and witness some old fashioned elbow grease. 

Studio Weave - Smith

Design Factory

This huge space is the main bustling arena that shows off furniture, lighting and product design from all over the world, handily brought together in the heart of London. This exciting space features home-grown and up-and-coming designers as well as the international big brands. All of which is lovingly curated into the ultimate showroom of talent. So say no more to the Habitat shop floor and check out the cream of contemporary design at the Design Factory.

Panel discussion – Gentrification: a force for good?

Brixtonites and Dalstonistas, set aside your craft ale and artisan pizzas and take note – gentrification is a hot topic. And as part of the Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 conversation series, Camden-based gallerist and club owner Alex Proud, of (yep, you guessed it) Proud joins Matthew McMillan, head of inward investment at Croydon Council and Thomas Ermacora, founder of cultural innovation hub and artistic laboratory Lime Wharf to discuss the real impact of the gentrification of London. Tue May 20, 3-4pm.

Gresham: The 4 Ps

There are a lot of product launches for you to pop into at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week but the aptly named ‘4 Ps’ is a celebration of products, pizza, Peroni and prosecco. Hurrah! Sounds like the kind of celebration we’d like to get on board with. Gresham is a design company that deal in the ‘working office environment’. And while they might not be fitting slides in your office any time soon (unless you’re very, very lucky) head down to make a pizza and prosecco toast to the ultimate spinny chair. Tue May 20, 4-7pm. Alexandra Gerrity

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