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#PROTECTYOURSELFIE: Get your moles checked in King’s Cross station tomorrow

Posted at 5:45 pm, May 19, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
be sun aware

Admit it, there have been times, possibly this weekend just gone, when you’ve skipped the suncream. Tut tut (we’re guilty too)! Thankfully the skin specialists at La Roche-Posay have decided to look out for us by starting the Be Sun Aware Tour, in association with the British Association of Dermatologists. 

The tour starts tomorrow at King’s Cross station, where they are giving out suncare advice and free Anthelios samples to everyone. You can even have your moles checked, or get a really unflattering (but telling) #PROTECTYOURSELFIE  in the sun damage booth. You might not want to post that on Instagram though.

The facts are a bit scary: apparently 42 percent of us don’t check for signs of skin cancer and 91 percent of us couldn’t identify a melanoma even if we did. So don’t embrace the lobster look and get checked out! Or if you’re busy tomorrow, do it mid-festival when the tour heads over to the Isle of Wight Festival, Latitude and Boardmasters.

Find out more at besunaware.com.

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