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Strip off and grab a paintbrush for Trapeze Bar’s Naked Painting Party

Posted at 1:30 pm, May 23, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Music & Nightlife

Gentlemen, fancy having your penis painted a luminous colour by someone you’ve never met before? And what about you, female readers? Up for having a crowd daub paint all over your lady bits?

Apparently some of you must be, because on Sunday, Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch is playing host to the first London outing of an event that’s been happening in New York since 2010: the Naked Painting Party. You turn up, check your clothes into a cloakroom, are given a brush and some UV paint, then are put into the middle of a crowd of people busily treating each others’ bumcheeks like blank canvases.

naked painting party

‘We’re trying to show people that it’s okay to be naked and that you shouldn’t just treat your body like it’s for sex,’ says Sally Golan, the NPP’s founder. ‘This party is meant to push boundaries.’

We’ll say. In photos of previous events, you can make out gents whose scrotal sacs have been redecorated, ladies simply sporting knee-high boots with mustard-splashed crotches and the odd person apparently using their chest as a paint roller. Still, there do seem to be a fair few people in their undies. Mainly women.

naked painting party

‘We don’t like to force people to be naked if they don’t feel comfortable’, says Sally. ‘Men just seem more comfortable with taking their clothes off.’ Funny, really. After all, you’d think that if anyone had anything to hide, it’d be a guy.

‘Because they might get excited?’ says Sally. ‘You have no idea how many emails I get asking me if that’s going to be a problem. It never is, really. So what if it happens, anyway?’

Well, it’d probably be a bit embarrassing. But, hey, if getting an erection in a room full of strangers ain’t for you, we suspect this event probably isn’t either. You’ve got to be pretty comfortable with the naked I.

Naked Painting Party is happening at the Trapeze Bar on Sunday May 25, 9pm-4am. 

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