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The Shed is dead. Long live the…? #renametheshed

Posted at 8:00 am, May 23, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
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What’s in a name? Copyright, mate. When you’re a big arts venue whose name is identical to that of another arts venue, there are copyright issues. The National Theatre’s temporary wooden red building, The Shed, obtained a one-year licence when it opened to use its name with the permission of the North Yorkshire arts venue that owns the trademark. But now that the NT has extended The Shed’s lifespan by another couple of years, those thespy planners on the South Bank need to come up with something else. Being helpful types, we decided to offer some suggestions.

‘The Battersea Power Station Dipped in Jam’


‘The Toppled Footstool’


‘The Thing That Looks a Bit Like a Boxing Ring Someone Forgot to Put Ropes On’


‘The Embarrassed Factory’


‘The Pissed Table’


‘The Pacman Ghost Without the Eyes’


‘The Foreign Plug’

Think you can do better? Tweet your suggestions with the #renametheshed hashtag.

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