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Four things to look forward to at Katy Perry’s ‘Prismatic’ show

Posted at 1:45 pm, May 28, 2014 in Fun London, Music & Nightlife

katy perry  

We went down to see the pop princess at the O2 Arena last night and it was glorious. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to one of her other gigs this week, here’s what you can expect:

A whole lotta lights

Advising fans to don their ‘prism vision’ holographic glasses for the ultimate eye-frazzling experience, Perry belts her banger (all puns intended) ‘Firework’ in front of a specially created backdrop which erupts like November 5 behind her. Guy Fawkes, get to the back of the queue.

katy perry

Nineties flashbacks

In case you didn’t get the hint when All Saints announced their reunion tour, the nineties are back. Taking the current trend to new levels is K-Pez in her smiley face bra, inflatable ying yang dress and glow stick hair piece – it’s like the return of happy hardcore, but for school girls.

katy perry

A mash-up of matters

Mixing ancient Egypt and science fiction like a drunk Graham Hancock, Perry rides a mechanical gold horse while sporting a leather number emblazoned with the legend ‘Pharest of them all’, before eventually being beamed up into space midway through her alien-inspired song  ‘ET’. Well, obviously.

katy perry


A dedication to all things feline, the songstress performs a section of the show as ‘Kitty Purry’. With giant scratching posts for staging, twerking kittens on the big screen and outfits that would be rejected from the musical ‘Cats’ for being just too damn risqué, this is arguably the show’s campest moment. Which is saying something.

Katy Perry is playing at the O2 Arena on Tue May 27, Wed May 28, Fri May 30 and Sat May 31. Want to know more? Read our interview with Katy Perry, where she talks Tinder, afternoon tea and chafing.

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