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Three days of cult pop-up cinema at the Hollywood Spring Weekender

Posted at 12:30 pm, May 29, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

A couple of weeks back, on this very blog, we described new film pop-up Hollywood Spring in Hackney as London’s coolest new film venue. Eager to prove us right, they’ve now scheduled an entire weekend of screenings to expand the mind and frazzle the senses.

The Hollywood Spring Weekender kicks off off on Thursday June 5, with a 16mm presentation of British director Chris Petit’s ‘Radio On’ – a stunning 1979 monochrome road movie featuring music from Kraftwerk and Bowie, among others. It continues on Friday night with the visually sumptuous ‘Feminine Carnivores’, a rarely seen slice of acid-fried, proto-feminist Italian horror from 1970.

The mood shifts somewhat with a kids’ club on Saturday morning showing ‘Iron Giant’, followed by a Build Your Own Robot workshop featuring expert guidance and free juice! We’re then back into psychedelic territory with a double bill of works by underappreciated South African writer-director Richard Stanley, with short doc ‘Voice of the Moon’, shot in Afghanistan when Stanley went off roaming with the Taliban, followed by Namibian serial-killer thriller ‘Dust Devil’.

And it all rounds off on Saturday night with a double bill of 1970s Italian crime flicks featuring one of Quentin Tarantino’s favourites, ‘The Boss’, and the wonderfully titled ‘Kidnap Syndicate’.

Many of the screenings also feature themed DJ sets and informed introductions, and there’s a chance to knock back a few liveners in Hollywood Spring’s classy cocktail bar.

Click here for more info and tickets and remember to keep an eye on Time Out’s Top 10 Film Events page for loads more pop-ups, festivals, outdoor screenings and double bills.

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