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Turf test your heels at Debenhams on Oxford Street

Posted at 3:30 pm, June 4, 2014 in News, Shopping & Style
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Most stiletto-wearing ladies will understand the embarrassment of getting your heel wedged into the pavement, an expected grid or a particularly soft lawn. With plenty of summer garden parties, weddings and festivals coming up, the pointy heel soon becomes second favourite to a good, un-flimsy, un-sinking wedge.

Debenhams on Oxford Street has caught on to this seasonal dilemma and set up a ‘mini paddock’ that gives shoppers the opportunity to ‘turf test’ their new heels. Basically, it’s a small patch of grass that you stand on to see how they fare. It’s not much different to testing them out in your back garden, but for those of us without the luxury of a garden (and in London that’s a high percentage of us) it’s quite a nifty idea. This way you can test-drive your potential Ascot heels and discover whether you’ll sink in them. Not sure how they’re going to sell the muddy heels that didn’t pass the sink test, though.

Pop down to Debenhams now to discover your soft lawn limitations to avoid that sinking feeling.

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