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Sunny drinks guaranteed with new website Pints in the Sun

Posted at 4:30 pm, June 10, 2014 in Food & Drink
pints in the sun

Picture the scene: a sunny afternoon, a few friends, a local pub with a beer garden. Then, just as you raise that cool, crisp drink to your parched lips, calamity strikes. We’re not talking about wasps, tipped-over tankards or the wretched wailing of obnoxious sprogs. As Londoners know better than anyone, past a certain time of day the sun dips below the nearest tall building and boom – you might as well be boozing in a mineshaft.

Well, now there’s a solution. Before heading out, canny soaks can log on to pintsinthesun.co.uk and, using a straightforward slider interface, instantly see how sunny or shady a pub will be at any given hour of the afternoon (or morning – we’re not here to judge) and even figure out which corner of the pub garden is best for ensuring optimal sunburn. So there we have it – now there’s nothing standing in the way of your sunny revelry. Except for clouds, obviously. Andy Hill

Find London’s best beer gardens.

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