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Get the most out of the World Cup with World in London

Posted at 12:15 pm, June 12, 2014 in Fun London
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The World Cup kicks off this evening, and unless you’re planning on sticking your fingers in your ears and going ‘la-la-la I can’t hear you’ until it all ends on July 13, you’ll want to find somewhere to soak up the atmosphere (and, naturally, the alcohol).

We’ve already had our say on the best pubs and bars in town to catch the action, but if you’re looking for something fancier than a sweaty room to go bonkers in every time the ball hits the net, take a look at World in London. As well as a nifty guide on where to watch each of the 32 competing teams, the site also offers a range of food-and-match packages, which include everything from food and drink to a guaranteed seat to watch matches and a pre-kick-off talk from a special guest. All of which sounds a lot more fun than wedging yourself into your local and getting an elbow in the face every time the ball gets into the 18-yard box.

Oh and keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks for some exclusive pictures and video from World in London’s Ed Hewitt, who’ll be reporting from the city’s biggest football parties just for Time Out.

Check out World in London’s guide to watching the World Cup or take a look at their selection of match day experiences and follow @WorldinLon on Twitter.

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