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Colourful balloon dogs on the Northern line brighten commuters’ days

Posted at 5:45 pm, June 17, 2014 in News

[Photo: md_oppenheimer]

It seems that people have recently decided to transform our everyday uneventful commutes into comical travelling tales. We’ve had ‘don’t be a twat’ parody posters, naked commuters, and now we’ve got brightly coloured balloon animals on the Underground.

One mystery man decided that he’d make a load of balloon animals on his Northern line commute yesterday. His fellow travellers let him do his thing and once he’d tied his dogs up, he sat down among them and read his book like nothing had happened. Apparently nobody batted an eyelid, which goes to show that Londoners are used to weird shit happening.


Mark Moulding@markmoulding

I’ll be most disappointed if I don’t see any of these balloon animals on the Tube on my way home tonight.


Julia Boggio@juliaboggio

Man just came onto the tube, put up loads of balloon dogs and then sat down to read a book. #london…http://instagram.com/p/pThebgGxvQ/

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[Photo: Julia Boggio]

Andrew Coster@andrewcoster28

“@LondonLive: Look out for these on your way home… http://ow.ly/y84UM pic.twitter.com/4bN60Vpmym” #WhatTheDogAndDuck?

[Photo: Andrew Coster]

Here’s some more animals who snuck on to the tube!

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