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Amazing panoramic photo taken from 60 metres above the Shard

Posted at 4:30 pm, June 19, 2014 in Photos of London

©Will Pearson
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Take a moment to feast your eyes on this spectacular creation from panoramic photo whizz Will Pearson. Though commissioned by View from the Shard, don’t expect quite this vista when you fork out £25. ‘Actually getting the shot was technically very difficult as it required me shooting from the windows cleaners’ crane’, says Will. ‘What you see is actually 60 metres above the public gallery’. So that’s another 20 storeys, give or take. Gulp.

Of particular fascination for Will is the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the London skyline: ‘With over 250 towers in the pipeline, it’s a constantly changing view, one which I’ve been documenting for over a decade,’ he says. ‘The two most prominent recent additions to the city (20 Fenchurch St and the Leadenhall Building) were the main draw for this shot.’

One of the most striking aspects of the work is the time of day; as the sun sets over west London, the east is already plunged into darkness. The intention wasn’t just about creating a dusky romantic ambience, though: ‘Shooting at this time of day allows you to capture the lights of the city, yet still have enough ambient light to reveal detail that wouldn’t be as visible once darkness falls.’

This little version above doesn’t do it justice, head to willpearson.co.uk for the full interactive experience. 

By Andy Hill

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