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Have you noticed the three-foot tall cannabis plants on South Bank?

Posted at 8:00 am, June 20, 2014 in News

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[Photo: Manuel Martín Vicente]

A bit of greenery is always welcomed in our grey, concrete capital. So the three-foot tall cannabis plants thriving along the South Bank are a pleasing sight to Londoners and tourists alike.

What!? There’s cannabis on the South Bank?
Yep! There most certainly is, and by the Tower of London too. The London Cannabis Club has launched a Feed Birds Hemp Seed campaign (trending on Twitter as #feed420) that is distributing hemp seeds across the country. Those plants are the result of people sprinkling some of those seeds onto the soil.

Hang on, Feed Birds Hemp? Are they getting all the birds high?

Don’t be silly, hemp seeds are nutritious and tasty for the birds. Birds don’t need that stuff to get high, they got wings!

Okay, but growing cannabis is illegal right?

Well, a spokeswoman from the Home Office has okayed it. Apparently, as long as they don’t cultivate it they aren’t breaking any laws and those leafy greens are growing strong all on their own.

So what’s it all for?

The aim of the campaign is for the government to recognise the range of ways hemp can be utilised, such as turning it into bio-degradable plastics, clothing, oil, fuel, food, and paper. It is also asking for cannabis to be decriminalised so that medicinal users aren’t sent to prison for a drug they rely on. Medicinal cannabis is sometimes used to treat chronic pain for suffers with arthritis or MS, and is effective at reducing the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Wow! So do you think it will work?

Who knows if the campaign can make the government change their minds, but at least it has planted the seed…

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By Laura Sagar



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