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The 100 best sci-fi movies have arrived…

Posted at 8:00 am, July 22, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

100 best sci-fi movies

Science fiction is now the world’s most popular film genre. From spaceships to superheroes, robots to ray-guns, ‘Gravity‘ to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, every other megabudget movie at your local multiplex has some kind of out-of-this-world element (not to mention spectacular special effects). But in the whole history of cinema, which sci-fi films are truly the best? Following on from our epic polls of the 100 best horror movies, animated movies, romantic movies and comedies, we felt it was time to find out which movies the leading experts in sci-fi – including authors and scientists, filmmakers and critics – felt were the greatest ever made. The results may surprise you. They may excite you. They may – if you’re a hardened sci-fi geek – infuriate you beyond words. But the experts have spoken.  

It’s no exaggeration to say that our contributors are the biggest names in sci-fi literature, filmmaking and science itself. Legendary directors Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón and John Carpenter; novelists George RR Martin, Stephen King and Kim Stanley Robinson; actors Anthony Daniels, Brit Marling and Brian Blessed; scientists Robert Winston, Jim Al-Khalili and Maggie Aderin Pocock; experts Kim Newman, Rebecca Watson and Robin Ince – all sent in a list of their favourite sci-fi movies of all time, which we then compiled into a giant list of the 100 very best sci-fi films.

But this isn’t just a list of 100 great movies – we’ve expanded far beyond that remit to include heaps of fun extra features too, from quizzes (find out which planet you should be living on!) to how-to guides (you can dress like Marty McFly!) to loads of hilarious extras like the 20 worst sci-fi movies, the cutest aliens of all time and the 20 greatest sci-fi deaths (warning: this one gets pretty messy). The result is the best thing to happen to sci-fi since the announcement of the new ‘Star Wars’ movies!

Get lost in space with Time Out’s 100 best sci-fi movies right here.

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