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Walk The Line: art work unveiled for East London’s public art promenade

Posted at 8:00 am, July 25, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

Tom Price, Network, 2013, b
Hiking boots and thermos at the ready! We’re going for a ramble along the River Lea. Last week, nine sculptures were unveiled for The Line, a public art walk linking the Olympic Park and the O2. Open for chin-stroking strolls this autumn, the project is the result of a crowdfunding campaign which totted up £140,000 in just eight weeks. Take that, potato salad guy! The sculptures, including works by Martin Creed and Damien Hirst, will be on display for two years but the organisers intend to add to the exhibition as the project develops. Here’s our pick of the bunch, with some expert analysis from Time Out’s deputy art editor Freire Barnes.

1. ‘Network’ by Tom Price

What it is: A statue of a young man sending a text.

Joe Bloggs says: Excuse me, mate. Couldn’t lend us a light, could ya? Oh. You’re made of bronze. Righto.’

Freire says: ‘The artist’s Jamaican and English heritage is traced through this sculpture, which will connect to the BBM generation.’

DNA DL90’ by Abigail Fallis

2. ‘DNA DL90′ by Abigail Fallis

What it is: Twenty-two supermarket trollies stacked in the shape of a helix.

Joe Bloggs says: ‘Pulled them right out the canal, I suppose. Grab us one, Tone. I’m doing a big shop this weekend.’

Freire says:  ‘Fallis’s silversmithing and skill with metalwork are what strike you in this witty yet profound take on the power of consumerism and its effect on scientific research.’

here 2 ©Carroll/Fletcher, London

3. ‘Here’ by Thomson & Craighead

What it is: A sign post pointing to ‘Here’. 24, 859 miles away.

Joe Bloggs says: ‘I don’t get it. Here’s here. That’s there. Am I missing something?’

Freire says: ‘Ever feel like you’re going in circles? This witty take on road signage from the Londonbased duo tells you, in miles, precisely how far around the world you need to go to make it back to the same spot.’

The Line opens this autumn. Start points will be found at North Greenwich and Stratford stations.

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