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The yellow Brick Lane Beigel Shop is closed again

Posted at 2:30 pm, August 6, 2014 in Food & Drink, News
Beigel shop © Nick Scott

Back in May, we brought you the news that the yellow Beigel Shop on Brick Lane had closed its doors. Many of you mourned its passing, while others celebrated the fact that the one with the white sign next door was still going strong. But just as soon as it had shut, a few days later it reopened and was peddling salt beef to the Brick Lane masses once more.

So we thought you’d want to know the latest in the Beigel Shop saga – it has closed again!

I went past last night and this is the current state of play:

The front of the shop is deserted apart from a a flock of pigeons queuing patiently to get a smoked salmon and cream cheese beigel.

beigel shop

However there does seem to be movement in the kitchen out the back… curious!

People are already expressing their sadness in the form of window scrawling:

beigel shop

And the queue at the white-signed Beigel Bake next door is longer than ever. I would have taken a pic but was too busy chowing down on a tasty salt beef beauty.


We contacted the Beigel Shop but are yet to hear anything back. We’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile the revered Beigel Bake lives on next door. Follow the Beigel Shop on Twitter for updates. Or just keep checking istheyellowbagelshopopen.com.

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