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Ten #Mundanescifi tweets we wish were real movies

Posted at 3:30 pm, August 7, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Mundane sci-fi © Star Trek and Spar

 ‘Spar Trek’ (via @bbcexpat)

It’s sci-fi season at Time Out right now. Last week got experts, filmmakers, writers, film critics and scientists to pick the 100 best science fiction movies of all time. Then we challenged you to give your fave movies a snore-worthy makeover with the hashtag #mundanescifi.

You totally delivered. From ‘2001: A Parking Space Odyssey’ to ‘Yawn of The Planet of the Apes’, here are some of our favourites…. 

1.’ Forbidden Plant’ (via (@MattLobster)

Mundane sci-fi © Forbidden Planet

2.   ‘2001: A Parking Space Odyssey’ (via @TomButler)

Mundane sci-fi © Space Odyssey

3. ‘Yawn of The Planet of the Apes’ (via @leave2beave)

Mundane sci-fi © Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

4. ‘The Day the Earth Continued to Turn on its Axis’ (via @petsnakereggie)

Mundane sci-fi © The Day The Earth Stood Still

5.  ‘INDEPENDENT DAVE’ (via @TheUnwashedMass)

Mundane sci-fi © Independence Day and Foo Fighters - 'Walk'

6. ‘Minor IT Report’ (via @hulmesville)

Mundane sci-fi © Minority Report

7. ‘The Day of the Trifles’ (via @larrymeath)

Mundane sci-fi © The Day of the Triffids and Shutterstock

8. Guardians of the Ford Galaxy’ (via @stuartwitts)

Mundane sci-fi © Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ford

9. ‘World War Zzzzz’ (via @beccadam)

Mundane sci-fi © World-War-Z

10. ‘Blasé Runner’  (via @mwertlieb)

Mundane sci-fi

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