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Video: Watch the animals at London Zoo get weighed and measured

Posted at 4:30 pm, August 22, 2014 in Fun London

Prepare for an afternoon dose of cuteness. The animals at London Zoo had their annual weigh-in yesterday and you can now watch it happen in this super adorable video.

The clip shows the various (and ingenious) methods zookeepers use to work out the size and weight of the Zoo’s residents. They compare the animals’ stats against international standards once a year to ensure they’re not underweight or overweight.

In the clip, a lama’s height is determined with a tape measure, a giant snail sits on a weighing scale and the keepers use treats to lure Kumbuka the gorilla to stand by a giant ruler.

By the end of the day the animals have been weighed, they’ve been measured and they’ve been found wanting… a cuddle. Yep, we just misquoted ‘A Knight’s Tale’ but YOLO, it’s a bank holiday weekend.

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