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See magician Dynamo ‘levitate’ over the Shard

Posted at 5:45 pm, August 27, 2014 in News

So, you thought it was cool when Dynamo ‘walked on water’ across the Thames. And, well, it was. But now he’s pulled off an even more impressive trick.

Londoners were totally freaked out (and mildly confused) at lunchtime when it appeared there was a figure levitating above the Shard. It wasn’t an almighty Illuminati wizard summoned by the giant sparkling triangle though, it was good old Dynamo pulling a prank on us.

The magician – whose real name is Steven Frayne – hinted that he was responsible for the spectacle with a Facebook post at around 3pm. A snap of a cloudy sky, it said: ‘The view is great up here #lookup.’

Remember this Dynamo trick?

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