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Ten things we learned in London this summer

Posted at 2:15 pm, September 2, 2014 in Fun London

It’s probably time to accept that summer’s actually just about over. Don’t start sobbing into your tropical-print wardrobe just yet though. Not only are there more than 70 awesome things to do this month, we’re also a whole season older and wiser right now. Here’s ten things we learned this summer.

1. The animals of London are fighting back

Between the ‘poisonous’ eight-foot snakes slithering their way along the banks of Regent’s canal, the electricity-loving super ants invading from Asia and the fox who fell through the ceiling of a north London hospital, the animals of our fair city sought sweet, sweet revenge this summer. And who can blame them when there’s a guy running round London in a suit made of chicken skins?!


2. Kanye West has a significant amount of speech material

The rapper was infamously booed [a bit] at Wireless Festival back in July when he ranted [talked] for 20 minutes about fashion, race and being super-shy. But 20 minutes just wasn’t enough. He covered for Drake on day two of the festival and gave a whole new talk about blow fish and porcupines.

Kanye West shaking his head.

3. Big Ben is a dirty boy

Hey, it only happens every four years so we don’t blame you for forgetting. A group of abseilers spent a week scrubbing at the clock faces on the ‘Elizabeth Tower’ back in August. It looked pretty cool.

Big Ben GIF

4. Caipirinhas can’t fix everything

London was overrun with green and yellow promotional guff as the World Cup did its best to ruin summer for everyone who hates football. But when hosts Brazil got a 7-1 spanking from the eventually triumphant Germans, the idea of samba dancing and Latin grub felt about as appealing a prospect as waxing Adrian Chiles’ bumcrack.

world cup

5. Weather is weird

Back in July London was hit by a crazy storm which brought with it mega-lightning and an intense series of crashes, bangs and wallops. Then in August we had rain so heavy Ruislip Manor station flooded. Oh, and let’s not forget the heatwave that left everyone at Lovebox sweating to the max.

6. The National Gallery has a secret museum

That’s right, hidden away underneath existing galleries is an underground treasure trove of paintings by history’s forgotten artists including Manet’s pal Henri Fantin-Latour. It’s now open to the public on Wednesdays and Sundays.

National Gallery. Photo: Jamie Coster

Photo: Jamie Coster

7. London flats can be shit

There was the studio so small  you could use the stove while sitting in bed.  There was the rusty garage that’s on sale for almost £400,000 and the cupboard that’s on the market for £7,500. Plus, there’s the room tenants had to crawl up a flight of stairs to get in to.

© Rightmove

Photo: Rightmove

8. Everyone loves Benedict Cumberbatch and Matisse

Cumberbatch’s performance of ‘Hamlet‘ at the Barbican sold out in minutes. (That’s quicker than Beyonce and Jay Z’s tour, apparently). Meanwhile the Tate is closing the ‘Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs‘ exhibition with an all-nighter because it’s just so damn popular.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Hamlet, Barbican

9.  Not to believe the hype (until an event actually happens)

Secret Cinema caused drama in July when it cancelled the first four nights of its mega ‘Back to the Future’ event at the very last minute  (it turned out great in the end, though). Meanwhile, ATP cancelled music festival Jabberwocky just days before the festival was due to take place. Booo.

Jabberwocky cancelled

10.  Boris Bikes are pretty damn tough

Boris Bikes have had one hell of a summer. They were painted yellow for the Tour de France, given out for free to celebrate their anniversary and stunt men rode them across the rooftops of London!

Limited edition tour de france Boris bikes

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