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Merry Christmas! The Co-op on Hackney Road is ALREADY stocking mince pies

Posted at 8:00 am, September 3, 2014 in Food & Drink, Shopping & Style

We might be about to enjoy a heatwave, but don’t be fooled – Christmas is literally right around the corner. With only 16 WEEKS left till Santa drunkenly tumbles down our chimneys, why the hell aren’t you enjoying a festive snack right now?!

No excuses guys. The Co-op on Hackney Road is already stocking mince pies for your pleasure. And while we’re firm believers that more pastry equals more fun, it does seem just a tad too early for traditional Christmas treats. (Although – let’s be honest – we wouldn’t turn one down right now.) And if you think think that’s jumping the gun, the Selfridges Christmas shop opened in August!

Have you spotted any pre-emptive Christmas products on the shelves of your local stores? Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Getting back to the present, here are 70 awesome (non-festive) things to do this month.

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