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Cycle to Work Day: ten reasons you should get on your bike

Posted at 8:00 am, September 4, 2014 in Free, Outdoor London, Transport

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A lot of us only go to work because we like cycling there. September 4 is National Cycle to Work Day and if you aren’t already doing it, here are ten reasons you should get on your bike.

1. Cycling to work is a great way of sneaking exercise into your daily routine. You get to avoid the gym (and people who go to the gym).

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2.  You can legitimately eat a second breakfast. 

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3. You can have a disco at your desk. Get in the stationary cupboard with your bike lights. Use the rear ones for a sexier red light vibe.


Fibre Flare from Push Cycles

4. You can use the word ‘lube’ freely.


Wet Lube from Velo Vixen

5 . You can help bring back slap bands. Remember slap bands? Cyclists are all about them. They stop your chain eating your trousers.


Slap Bands from Look Mum No Hands

6. You get to hang out in the bike shed. Did you even know your work had one? It’s where all the cool kids smoke. Probably.

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 7.  You have an excuse for a bad hair day. Helmets, cycling caps, or just wind blown, it’s great to have an excuse to not care about your hair.

vintage style cycling cap

Vintage style cycling caps from Brick Lane Bikes

8. Avoid the commuter crush. Until we’ve had our third coffee it’s probably best we don’t come into contact with anyone let alone everyone. By cycling you don’t have to deal with people on the tube sneezing on you, putting their armpit in your face, and nobody likes giving all their money to the Oyster.

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9. You can do a full on transformation. Go from Superman to Clark Kent (Lycra to suit) and back again all in one day if you’re that way inclined. Wear whatever you can pack into a pannier or backpack.

Lightning rucksack by Michaux

Lightning rucksack by Michaux

10. You get to see more of this beautiful crazy city.

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Cycle to Work Day, September 4. For more details and to pledge your miles, head to cycletoworkday.org.

By Jude Brosnan

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