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The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green needs your help

Posted at 1:30 pm, September 5, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, News

Resistance Gallery

Sometimes you see Indiegogo pages and think: what moron decided that was a good idea? This isn’t one of those occasions. Last week, the Bethnal Green venue/art space/party joint that is home to the Resistance Gallery and Lucha Libre wrestling school had to launch an online plea for money. The previous Friday, kids on a bin-torching spree set fire to its recycling, burnt through its metal shutters and torched the back of its stage, the upstairs dressing-room, the ceiling and all of the electrics. Resistance’s insurance policy didn’t cover the damage, so unless it can raise £15,000, the place will be permanently out of business.

Resistance Gallery fire

‘The venue’s half gutted, but we are fully gutted,’ explained Garry Vanderhorne, director and founder of London School of Lucha Libre & Lucha Britannia. ‘If we can raise money, we can carry on. At the moment, we’re just fucked.’

Come on, Londoners. Help them out! We need to pour some cold hard cash on this fire.

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