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What happens to all the poo at London Zoo?

Posted at 5:30 pm, September 6, 2014 in Fun London
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‘We have a team of around 75 zookeepers to wait on the animals foot. As well as preparing their meals and providing them with fun things to do, they clean out their enclosures every day, clearing 2,750 tonnes of poo a year in the process.

‘The trickiest animals to clean up after are the pygmy hippos,who like to mark their territory by scattering their poo far and wide. To get the biggest reach,they wag their tails at a really fast pace while doing their business, ensuring that the poo is spread over the biggest area.

‘Once it’s all been rounded up, the poo produced by our herbivores – including giraffes and camels – goes to our specially designed “Zoo Poo” compactors before being composted off site and used as afarm fertiliser. Carnivore waste isn’t suitable for composting and is converted into usable energy at an “energy from waste” plant.’ Mark Habben, zoological manager at London Zoo.

Watch the animals at London Zoo get weighed and measured.

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