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How dubious are these ‘Friends’ lookalikes on the tube?

Posted at 6:15 pm, September 8, 2014 in Fun London, News, Photos of London
Fake Friends - Alison Jackson

[Photo: Alison Jackson / Comedy Central]

The twentieth anniversary of ‘Friends’ is but two weeks away, and opening the bidding for ‘Friends’-related stunts is a new faux-paparazzi shoot from Alison Jackson, purporting to depict the cast of the series on their travels in London.

Fake Friends 2 - Alison Jackson

[Photo: Alison Jackson / Comedy Central]

It’s perhaps not the most convincing line-up of lookalikes ever seen (indeed the not-David Schwimmer is conspicuously assigned to the background) although at least pretend-Courtney Cox is more or less on the money. In any case, we’re sorry Ms. Jackson, but these guys were more real:

Time Out goes free © Alison Jackson

‘Friends’ is screened on Comedy Central UK, almost all the time.

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