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Behold – the tube map of the future!

Posted at 8:00 am, September 9, 2014 in Maps, Transport
tube map of the future

[click to see the full larger version]

Ever been to a foreign city and found yourself chuckling at the simplicity of their subway system? That’s exactly what they’ll be doing in 40 years’ time when they look back at the good old days of 2014, when our current tube map will look like some toy town bullshit by comparison. By then we’ll have two Crossrails, high speed connections to the north and a load of other connections and upgrades, all of which were outlined in the recent ‘London Infrastructure Plan 2050’. The Northern line will, of course, still smell like a dog’s arse.

Big props to Brian Butterworth (@briantist) of ukfree.tv for sifting through the plans and plotting it all on this mind-boggling map. 

Here are 20 other things coming to London by 2050.

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