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London on Instagram: @99GR81

Posted at 5:45 pm, September 9, 2014 in Photos of London

Welcome to our new ‘London on Instagram’ series! Over the coming weeks, we’re going to profile some of London’s best Insta-snappers and their incredible pictures.

Steven Ehrlich has lived in London for three years and works for an advertising agency. Describing his photography style as ‘eclectic’ he uses his Instagram account as a way of documenting moments in his life so always has a camera/his iPhone ready. In fact, his wife makes fun of him for always being on the hunt for a new device.

Steven says: ‘The main thing I think about is what will make an interesting image. So I photograph people, architecture, still life, anything to which I feel a connection in the moment.’

We asked Steven to give us a tour of London via his Instagram account.

1. Out of all your pictures of London, which is your favourite?

‘My favourite photo is one I took last summer on the day that Andy Murray won Wimbledon. Thousands had gathered outdoors at Potter’s Field to watch the match. To me, the photo represents the energy of all the amazing events that have taken place in London over the past few years.’

2. What’s your favourite landmark to snap?

‘Tower Bridge. I love the aesthetic of the bridge, the architecture, and the fact that it looks different depending on light, time of day, season, point of view. I’m inspired by the fact that when standing near the bridge I can see 2,000 years’ worth of history – from the original London Wall to the Tower of London, to the Gherkin and Shard – without moving my feet.’

3. What’s your go-to filter? Do you use any additional apps?

‘I tend to shoot what I see, whether it is on my iPhone or on another camera, and then edit the photos using apps like Snapseed, Camera+, or ColorSplash. If I shoot with my iPhone, I will edit directly on the iPhone. If I shoot with my DSLR, I import the photos to my iPad and do a quick edit there.’


4. Is there a photo you’ve taken that’s been unexpectedly brilliant?

‘In the run up to the Jubilee in 2012, Regent Street was adorned with what seemed to be thousands of UK flags. It was a stunning sight. The image I captured looks, when you first see it, like a collage of multiple photos. But because it is actually a single image, it forces viewers to take a moment to consider what they are actually looking at.’

5. Where’s the best view in London?

‘I don’t think there is one ‘best’ view. There are lots of great views, including the one from the Shard, or from Hungerford Bridge facing west to Westminster and Waterloo Bridge facing east, or even riding the train into Charing Cross Station at rooftop height through South London. Even walking the Queen’s Walk along the Thames.’

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