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Taste the rainbow at Art Neuro’s synaesthesia cocktail experiment

Posted at 1:15 pm, September 10, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Fun London

When deciding which cocktail to drink, some of us go for sweet, some for sour, others fancy a bit of fizz. But have you ever chosen a drink because of the colour? That’s right, remember when you were a kid and you chose the blue ice cream, well it turns out it may genuinely be because you liked the ‘blue flavour’ rather than it just being a giddy craving for the multitude of E numbers (or fake raspberry flavour).

Art Neuro (a collaboration of neuroscientists and artists exploring ‘the workings of the brain through the visual arts’) is holding a synaesthesia cocktail experiment at Stories bar on September 16. The night will be focused around attendees drinking cocktails and testing how they ‘taste’ colour. There will be scientists on hand examining results and three cocktails to sup, including a black one which we can’t help but assume must taste of liquorice.

Stories Bar, 30-31 Broadway Market London E8 4QJ.

They’ve just released 30 more tickets- go, go, go! Find out more at storiesonbroadway.com and get tickets now at artneuro.co.uk.

For another interesting places to drink, take a look at MakersCafe, the 3D printing café in Shoreditch.

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