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Commuter culture: TfL brings top-drawer art to the top deck

Posted at 5:00 pm, September 11, 2014 in Free, Fun London
David La Chappelle bus stop

Yes, going to art exhibitions can be food for the mind and a treat for the eyes. But sometimes gallery visits can fall by the wayside when you’re busy with that little thing called life. But what if you could soak up some culture as you commute around the capital? Now we’re talking. In honour of London Fashion Week, from September 12-22 you’ll be able to check out photographs by legendary fashion photographer David LaChapelle from the comfort of your seat on the upper deck when you cruise down the Strand.

Even though Dave is known for his stylish snaps of celebs, this public exhibition features ten images from his ‘fine art collection’ so you’ll be treated to a selection of luminous landscapes made from everyday objects. This may be the only time you hope that there’s a change of drivers/fight/Oyster card fail on your bus to prolong your viewing time. Plus it’ll only cost you the price of a single journey. Or if you don’t want to pay the bus fare, just get a really tall ladder. Bargain.

Check out some of the photos out below: 

David La Chappelle bus stop David La Chappelle bus stop David La Chappelle bus stop David La Chappelle bus stop David La Chappelle bus stop

Remember the drama when VHS copies of ‘Hellraiser’ kept appearing on top of bus stops?

By Sonya Barber

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