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Is this the creepiest roomshare ad in London?

Posted at 1:30 pm, September 11, 2014 in News

A ‘gentle and caring’ 27-year-old man has posted what could be the creepiest roomshare listing we’ve ever seen on website Gumtree.

The ‘kind, considerate’ gent is offering a free roomshare to one special London lady (preferably an ‘intelligent, sensible, reliable, trustworthy and honest’ student) in exchange for  ‘occasional personal services’.  And, while we really hope he means helping him out with a spot of D-I-Y, we reckon it’s highly likely he’s referring to a spot of S-E-X.

The charitable soul does insist that all services will be ‘mutually agreed’ but also kinda contradicts himself by saying they’re ‘required in lieu of rent’. So, essentially the agreement is: prostitute yourself or move out. Excuse us while we go throw up somewhere.

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