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Have a gander at this award-winning goose

Posted at 5:30 pm, September 13, 2014 in Fun London, Photos of London

[Photo: Lee Acaster / British Wildlife Photography Awards]

How much swag can one goose have? The answer is, evidently, ‘loads.’ This strutting anserine beauty was captured by Lee Acaster and won him the British Wildlife Photography Award of 2014. Says Lee, ‘it was a real privilege to have such a close encounter with a wild bird in the very heart of London. I vividly remember the excitement I felt as she patiently waited for me to get the shot, and I knew immediately this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m just grateful that she didn’t lose interest as quickly as my children do when I’m taking photographs of them.’

And that wasn’t the only prize-winning photo shot right here in London. Gerard Sexton’s shot of a gray heron ‘applying the brakes’ picked up a commendation in the Animal Portraits category:

Grey heron comes into land on a willow tree on the waters edge o

[Photo: Gerard Sexton / British Wildlife Photography Awards]

While Philip Braude won the Botanical Britain category with this overgrown London phone box:

Green and red telephone box

[Photo: Philip Braude / British Wildlife Photography Awards]

As prize judge Mark Ward commented, ‘it proves you do not have to travel far from home to capture the very best of Britain’s wildlife images.’ Good old London.

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