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Urban cheese, manor houses, football and craft beer: it’s Tottenham’s best bits

Posted at 10:15 am, September 13, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink

White Hart Lane

Cast off your preconceptions, we’re heading up the High Road

Why go there?

Because it’s cool, cheap and far more cheerful than some people would have you believe.

What’s the vibe?

It’s a mixed bag. Football’s the only game in town around White Hart Lane stadium, Spurs’ home ground. Head east and you’ll hit the quietly idyllic environs of Tottenham Marshes; south and you’ll meet the Latin-American population of Seven Sisters – centred on High Road hangout Pueblito Paisa. Go far enough west and you can sample the exemplary kebabs of Harringay Green Lanes (we particularly like G.kyüzü and Antepliler).


What’s that smell?

The mouth-watering pong of Wildes’ ‘urban cheese’ (‘urban’ because it’s made within the M25 – it hasn’t got it’s own Radio 1Xtra show or anything). If you get in touch beforehand you buy direct from the dairy on Queen Street.

I’m hungry. What’s on the menu?

The T-bone steak at West Green Road’s The Banc restaurant is the stuff of local legend. Otherwise, San Marco does smashing Neopolitan-style pizza by Bruce Grove station, while the Beehive pub on Stoneleigh Road serves up pulled pork courtesy of swinishly clever chefs’ collective Phileas Hog.

Beavertown Brewery

I could do with a drink.

If it’s a Saturday, there’s no better place than the Beavertown Brewery Tap Room in Tottenham Hale (Lockwood Industrial Park, Mill Mead Road), where you can try the best of this craft beer company’s ales. We heartily recommend their 8 Ball Rye IPA.

How about something a bit more relaxing?

Markfield Park, next to the River Lea, has not only a nice caff, but also a stonking great big Victorian beam engine, once used for pumping sewage and now the centrepiece of a museum. The thing will be puffing away over Open House weekend on September 20 and 21. Further north along the water you’ll find the lovely Ferry Boat pub, nestled among the reservoirs on Ferry Lane.

Bruce Castle Museum

And if I only one do one thing?

Stroll to Bruce Castle Museum, a sixteenth-century manor house set in 20 acres of parkland. How civilised is that?

By Jonny Ensall, who can be spotted browsing the chocolates in Tottenham Hale’s branch of Lidl.

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