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If you swear a lot on Twitter you probably don’t live in Westminster

Posted at 8:00 am, September 15, 2014 in News
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Tired of bloody tourists getting in your fucking way? The shitty coffee shop always getting your damn name wrong? Not the people of Westminster.

It’s been revealed that Twitter users in the borough have the cleanest language in London, swearing in just 1.4 percent of their posts.

The people of Kensington and Chelsea are also very polite, cursing in just 1.47 percent of posts, but neither borough could top the low swear rate of the Orkney Islands’ Twitter users. They swear in just 0.81 percent of their tweets and are the most polite tweeters in Great Britain.

The results come as part of a study by the BBC which analysed 1.3million tweets over the course of a week and found the most foul-mouthed folk live in Clackmannanshire, Scotland (they swear in 7.33 percent of tweets). Fuckin’ hell.

To be fair, avoid doing these things in London and you’ll never have to swear anyway.

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