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Dance to decide at the Scottish Referendum YesNoDisco

Posted at 5:15 pm, September 16, 2014 in Free, Music & Nightlife, News

Though making big decisions while drunkenly boogie-ing around on the dance floor may not seem a great idea at first (think beer goggles and one-night stands), Amy Smith and Lilia Prier-Tisdall’s YesNoDisco taking place tomorrow sounds like an excellent choice.

Topically, the first of their monthly parties is focusing on the Scottish Referendum; one DJ will be playing pleading, desperate, heartache songs at the prospect of losing Scottish brothers and sisters, while the other will be blasting out emancipating tunes of freedom with ‘Single Ladies’-style self respect.

Upcoming YesNoDiscos will debate controversial topics such as ‘drink or drugs?’ and ‘feminism or sexism?’ (which is guaranteed to feature a bit of Robin Thicke). Drunken decisions suddenly sound like much more fun! (Still, best to leave marriage proposals to sobriety). Thrash out the yes/no debate on the dance floor tomorrow at Netil House.

YesNoDisco. Free, Wednesday September 17, 7.30pm-11pm, Platform, 2nd Floor, Netil House, 1-7 Westgate Street, E8 3RL.

Take a look at these comedians taking on the Scottish Referendum.

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