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Watch out, London’s pavements are exploding

Posted at 6:15 pm, September 16, 2014 in News

exploding pavements

Panic on the streets of London! Westminster Council yesterday released a CCTV video of a a massive fireball exploding out of a pavement in Piccadilly in July. We’ve written about London’s exploding pavements before, but they’re back in the news this week because Westminster is asking Ofgem (the power regulator) and the UK Power Networks operator why exactly there are on average almost two terrifying pavement explosions every single week. Which seems like a fair question to us.

The answer is – drum roll, please… rain. Apparently, rainwater has got down into the electricity pipes underground and short-circuited faulty wiring which has made gas explode. No-one could have seen that one coming, right? It’s not as if it rains that often in London.

Anyway, so far at least seven people have been injured by the terrifying paving stones of death. UK Power Networks has said they’ll try to stop the explosions happening quite so often by pouring sand into manholes, but they’ve also said they can’t guarantee that there won’t still be enormous fireballs randomly spurting out of the ground. Which is comforting.

So what are the odds on you being hit by a massive, unpredictable explosion on your way down the shops? Well, there have been 64 incidents this year so far, around four times the number there were four years ago. With a population of eight million, that does make it pretty unlikely that it’ll happen to you – but just to be on the safe side, we advise that you lock all your doors and never go outside ever again. Have a great week.

By James Manning

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