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Is this the end of street food?

Posted at 1:20 pm, September 17, 2014 in Food & Drink
KFC street van © Guy Dimond

We know we’ve already reached ‘peak burger’, but what about ‘peak street food’? At what point does this welcome trend jump the shark, and it becomes no longer cool to be seen wandering around London with a handful of fast food? 

The signs are already here, as we spotted a beautiful Airstream trailer is Soho yesterday… kitted out as a KFC takeaway. That’s right – KFC. It turned out it was being used to promote the fast food outlet’s new ‘pulled chicken’ burger (really).

How long now before McDonald’s start selling McKimchee burgers from converted VW camper vans?  Or before Angus Steak House do a pop-up at Meatopia? The writing is on the exposed brick wall.

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Text and photo by Guy Dimond

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