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There’s no place like (a London) home

Posted at 3:30 pm, September 21, 2014 in Fun London

What’s special about this living room? You are looking at London’s newest National Trust house. Maybe. The NT is showing the world how Londoners live today by temporarily selecting an ordinary home as its thirteenth London property. The winner’s abode will be opened to the public for a weekend (irritating stewards provided) and they’ll get £2,000 in furniture vouchers. So it could be our deputy theatre editor Daisy Bowie-Sell’s 1980s one-bed flat in Forest Hill. Here’s why she thinks her flat’s so ordinary it’s standout.

An amazingly ancient boiler
‘Our boiler is so old that it should be considered a national treasure just for the fact that it still works. Forget about all those energy-efficient newfangled contraptions – this baby was made back in the days when things didn’t break just when you were about to have the entire family over for Christmas. “Vintage”, you might call it.’

The brown surfaces
‘With the capital’s extortionate house prices, it’s rare that once Londoners have bought their dream home they have money left for the inside. The result is that, like me, most people are living with a perfectly functioning but shockingly decked-out kitchen (or bathroom, or living room) that screams “I loved the ’80s!” ’

A pointless immersion heater
‘Yes, my flat comes with one of these, now pretty rare, feats of engineering. Sure, using one to heat water is insanely expensive (so I don’t). But the hulking mass of pipes is hidden in a cupboard: evidence of Londoners’ skill at using small spaces. If the NT picked my home, people could marvel at this piece of plumbing archaeology.’

Find out more at nthouseproud.london.

Would you fork out £235,000 for a house just over 83 inches wide?

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