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Help re-open Peckham Lido

Posted at 10:00 am, September 23, 2014 in News

 Peckham Lido

Lazing by a crystal blue pool, drink in hand, birds twittering in overhanging trees and the sounds of the city gently rumbling somewhere faraway. This is Peckham – or it could be if James Glynn and his compatriots get their way. After seeing an article in local paper The Peckham Peculiar about re-opening Peckham Lido, James got together with fellow local Ben Lloyd, and worked out a plan of action to get the 1920’s lido back in working order. Originally measuring over 50 metres long and situated opposite what is now The Rye pub, the lido fell into disuse in 1987 and was covered over to become part of the Rye. All that is left is a shabby blue fountain, which doubles as a bench for passing drunks.

Peckham Lido

By spreading the word via social media, James has received a huge response and has already got over a 1000 signatures for the petition. Harriet Harman, local councillors, relevant council workers and other community groups have begun to sit up and take notice and funding options are being investigated, before embarking on a feasibility study.

‘There is no feeling like swimming in the open air,’ says James, ‘and having a lido puts that little bit of joy back into the city. Rebuilding the lido will create a better borough for everyone and can have a really transformative effect on the community, just look at London Fields.’

Peckham Lido

For more information and to sign the petition please go to change.org. Follow Peckham Lido on Facebook and Twitter. By Celia Topping

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