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In pictures: behind the scenes at new crazy golf spot Swingers in Shoreditch

Posted at 12:30 pm, September 23, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

Swingers © Rob Grieg

Look out London, your social life is about to get even more competitive. You’ve already beaten your mates at bowling, punished your pals at ping pong, demolished the darts championships, peaked at poker and battered everyone (while getting battered) at beer pong. Next up, it’s time for crazy golf.

On September 25, Swingers is coming to Shoreditch with nine holes of silly putting, alongside cocktails and food from Patty & Bun and Pizza Pilgrims. We went down for a sneak peek last week and although it wasn’t entirely finished, we played a few rounds, got the general gist and reckon this is going to be a winning combo. Our only worry would be tipsy golfers taking too long on the green (move it or lose it, people!) and rogue golf balls landing in our drinks! Apart from that, we’re game. Plus fours at the ready…

Check out these photos for a sneak preview:

Here are those nine holes of putting pleasure.


The ‘wall of fame’.

Swingers © Rob Grieg

Windmill drink tables – there will be waiter service while playing. Phew.

Swingers © Rob Grieg

Clubhouse vibez.

Swingers © Rob Grieg

Bonus tenth hole to win extra booze, although this hole proved impossible, no matter how many times we tried. And we did try.


Oh and there’s a loop the loop!

 swingers © Rob Greig

Find out more about Swingers and book now at swingersldn.co.uk. And if you’re going to tweet them, careful to use @SwingersLDN otherwise you might end up doing a very different kind of socialising.

By Sonya Barber. Photos by Rob Greig

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