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The top 20 ‘Friends’ episodes (and the life lessons they’ve taught us)

Posted at 1:20 pm, September 23, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, TV
Friends FInal Bow

‘Friends’ celebrated its twentieth birthday this week – it’s now two decades since the first ever episode aired in the US (and dear god, that makes us feel so old). Comedy Central UK polled its viewers to reveal the nation’s 20 favourite episodes – here’s the full list, by way of the valuable life lessons imparted by each.

20) Paying a bill resentfully? Get one over on your creditor by cursing the money first!

Phoebe - Cursed Money

 [The One With All The Poker]

19) When you’ve done someone wrong, don’t make a paltry apology. Make a poultry apology.

Monica Geller Turkey Head Thanksgiving Friends

 [The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks]

18) Confront injustice, and you’ll feel better afterwards.


You threw my sandwich away 


My Sandwich


 I definitely don't care about my sandwich

 [The One With Ross’s Sandwich]

17) A wide vocabulary is guaranteed to impress the opposite sex.

The One Where Eddie Won't Go - Friends

 [The One Where Eddie Won’t Go]

16) If there’s a possibility for sex, you can cancel plans with friends. Or, put another way…

You can cancel plans with Friends if there's a possibility for sex - best Friends episodes

 [The One with All The Cheesecakes]

15) The key to making an impression on the dancefloor is neither feeling the rhythm nor loosening the hips. It’s PREPARATION.

Friends - The Routine - Monica and Ross 1The Routine, Friends - Monica and Ross danceThe Routine, Friends - Monica and Ross danceMonica Ross The Routine Dance 4

[The One With The Routine]

14) Grammar MATTERS.

The One With All the

[The One With The Jellyfish]

13) Don’t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen.

Joey Tribbiani - Custard Good, Jam Good, Meat Good

[The One Where Ross Got High]

12) Always be alert to danger. Or in a word…

Ross Geller Unagi Friends

 [The One With Unagi]

11) Be sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach.

Meat Sweats, Joey, Friends

[The One With The Rumor]

10) You have to celebrate the little victories in life.

The One WIth The Embryos

Your friends will understand.

Friends White Dog Statue

 [The One With The Embryos]

9)Life’s not a marathon… or a sprint. It’s actually just a kind of mad forward flailing.

Phoebe Buffay Running - Friends: The One Where Phoebe Runs

[The One Where Phoebe Runs]

8) When inviting guests over to a social occasion, be extra emphatic so they can be certain you really want them to come.

Ross is making fajitas

 [The One Where Ross Is Fine]

7) See um, lobsters, uhh, in the tank when, when they’re old, uhh, they get with, uhh, they walk around holding the claws. In the tank, ya know, with, with the holding and… um, Phoebs?

[The One With the Prom Video]

6) Often, victory merely demands outlasting your competitors.

Fighting over football

[The One With The Football]

5) Learning a second language can be an invaluable career skill. To start, simply oublie du blu le fruit.

Joey speaks French in Friends

[The One Where Joey Speaks French]

4) Knowledge is power.

They don't know that we know they know - Friends, The One Where Everybody Find Out

And more knowledge is more power.

They don't know that we know they know we know - Phoebe, Friends, The One Where Everyone Finds Out

[The One Where Everyone Finds Out]

3)When it comes to revenge, no half-measures.

Could I Be Wearing Any More Clothes - Friends - Joey

[The One Where No One’s Ready]

2) There are two ways to count to five.

Mississippily Mississippilessly

 [The One With Ross’s Tan]

1) All’s well that ends well.

Friends - The Last One - Final Scene

 [The Last One]

‘Friends’ is on Comedy Central daily.

By Guy Parsons

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