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Your chance to eat a human meat burger in London today

Posted at 11:00 am, September 30, 2014 in Food & Drink
human burger

London’s great at burgers. We’ve got fancy confit duck burgers, proper American patties, sloppy chilli burgers, the list goes on. Today (September 30) ‘Messhead’ are pushing those burger limits with their human burger pop-up on Columbia Road. Yes, you read that right.

Fret not, cannibalism isn’t the latest food trend. This is a meaty project to promote the new series of everyone’s favourite zombie series ‘The Walking Dead’.

And of course it’s not really human meat, but the blend has been developed to taste just like it. Wondering what it tastes like? Apparently it depends on the age of the human and the way they’re cooked!

Head down to Corbet Place Bar, Old Truman Brewery, today at 12.30pm to find out for yourself. Find out more at facebook.com/ldnmess.

Here’s what we thought… (check out the worryingly enthusiastic quote from taster Phil Harrison)

‘The one I ate was a bit too livery for me. Could have done with some chianti and fava beans.’ Alexi Duggins


‘If this is what humans taste like it’s no wonder we’re at the top of the food pyramid – we’re gross. No right thinking apex predator would come near us, we have the flavour of offal and sadness.’ Eddy Frankel


‘It tasted like a rare, lean, slightly gamey beefburger. It was actually very tasty. If this is eating human flesh, sign me up.’ Phil Harrisson

If that has got you salivating, check out this nauseating infographic about the taste of human flesh:



[Click the image for a larger version]

By Laura Sagar

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