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The eight wildest moves from the DMC World DJ Championships

Posted at 3:15 pm, October 1, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

Watch out London, turntablists from all over the world are descending on the city this week for the DMC World DJ Championships at The Forum this Sunday October 5.

Held since the early ’80s, the DMCs are a chance for DJs to scratch, mix, juggle and generally jockey discs in the most flamboyant fashion possible. Because contestants only have six minutes to impress a panel of judges, the need to stand out means showmanship on an INSANE level.

In anticipation of this week’s final, our music editor Oliver Keens has picked eight of the most jaw-dropping moments from the competition’s history and GIF’d them for your enjoyment.

1. The snooker cue

Chad Jackson - Snooker Cue

1987 winner Chad Jackson cues up a record in style. He gets bonus points for the pilot’s hat and those slashed jeans.

2. Fancy footwork

Dj David - Feet

Two-time winner DJ David goes toe-to-toe with the competition in 1990.

3.  The upside-downer

 The Gravity Defier

1994 winner DJ Rectangle swaps places with his decks, with the help of a strong friend.

4. The ninja

DJ David - Ninja

FACT: Blink and you’ll miss it, but DJ David also cancels a Direct Debit payment in the middle of this fast-limbed routine from 1991. Outstanding.

5. The human shish kebab

DJ Trick - The Helicopter

Another sterling effort in 1991. Timed to coincide with the ’round and round and round’ line from ‘I’ll House You’ by the Jungle Brothers, no less.

6. The butt-scratch

The Butt Scratch

DJ Rectangle at work again in 1994. Spare a thought for the poor DJ who has to use that mixer straight after…

7. The back scratcher

Over the Shoulder

1995 champ Roc Raida lies down on the job.

8. The ‘Ah sod it, let’s just have a dance’

Cutmaster Flash - The Moves

We saved the best for last. UK hero Cutmaster Swift won in 1989 with a routine that kicked off with the. greatest. display. of. vibes. we’ve ever seen. He still works with the DMCs today. Legend.   

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