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Love ‘24’? You’re going to want to head to Borough Market right now

Posted at 4:15 pm, October 6, 2014 in Fun London
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When we think ‘24’, we think postcards of London. We’re therefore not finding it at all weird that 20th Century Fox has commissioned an artist to create a portrait of Jack Bauer out of them. In fact, it seems like a totally rational, normal idea.

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Multimedia artist Quentin Devine was given 24 hours to create the 24-metre mosaic of Jack using 24 different postcard designs (we see what you did there, guys). The giant picture was unveiled in Borough Market at the weekend and features 1,485 London postcards with Big Ben, Beefeater, London Eye and black taxi designs. We have to admit – it is pretty cool.

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Quentin says: ‘I certainly felt the pressure as the clock was ticking but luckily for me the fate of the world wasn’t resting in my hands. Seeing the final artwork being installed in Borough Market is the perfect homage to the new series ’24: Live Another Day’. ‘

Experience the tension with this time-lapse video.

Forget Jack! Remember that time we mashed up SpongeBob with our fave London buildings?

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