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Help save the iconic Bethnal Green gas holders

Posted at 10:00 am, October 8, 2014 in News

Anyone who’s been to Oval Space or taken a stroll down Regent’s Canal from Broadway Market to Victoria Park will have gazed up in awe at the beautiful, ghostly gas holders that dominate the skyline where the old Bethnal Green Holder Station once stood. Now the iconic industrial structures are at risk of demolition by Tower Hamlets Council. But it’s not game over for the gas holders just yet – the East End Waterway Group are fighting to ensure the historical structures are protected and are have set up a petition.

They say:

‘We must ensure that these structures are all added to the local list, to protect them against demolition. Otherwise there will soon be nothing standing anywhere near the canal to connect ourselves – or future generations – with our industrial past. In 2020 we are due to celebrate the bi-centenary of the opening of the Regent’s Canal, but if we don’t act now there will be nothing left in London to remind us why the canal was built in the first place.’

Neighbouring Oval Space is also fighting to save them. Jordan Gross, Oval Space owner, told us:

‘Not only are the gas works an iconic part of Oval Space but they’re also an iconic part of the whole area. Replacing them with soulless cookie cutter apartments of the kind that are blighting our whole city would be a travesty. We believe in creating more green spaces and more useful spaces – as per the council’s original master plan. There’s plenty of existing space for housing, we absolutely shouldn’t be tearing down interesting and historical architecture to make room for it. We’re pleased to back the petition which is raising much needed awareness of a scheme which has been set up behind closed doors and without any public consultation.’

Find out more and sign the petition at residents-first.co.uk.

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