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Red telephone boxes go green

Posted at 3:30 pm, October 8, 2014 in News
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It’s about time phone boxes became useful for something other than storing phone sex flyers and having a cheeky wee. And some clever whizz-kids from LSE have thought of just the solution – turning them into solar-powered mobile phone charging boxes. Kirsty Kenney and Harold Craston won £5,000 from Boris Johnson at his Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition this summer to make their idea a reality. Though the boxes are stuffed with adverts, they’re completely free to use and can deliver a 20 percent battery boost in just ten minutes. The first six were unveiled on Tottenham Court Road this week – look out for the solar panels and bright green paint job to make sure don’t accidentally end up with a faceful of smut/piss-whiff.

Find out where they’ll be popping up next on Twitter.

By Lucie Horton

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